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Common Questions

How do I get Vicaso shoots?

Simply submit your online application with $10 fee, and we will email you next steps! Members of the Vicaso Photography Network should be passionate about photography, have an excellent sense of composition, enjoy working with people, possess a solid technical understanding of digital cameras and computers, and meet the basic equipment requirements.

What is my earning potential?

Vicaso offers the leading photographer payouts in the current market, deposited directly into your bank account on a 2 day rolling basis. Your earning potential is virtually unlimited. Depending on your availability and order volume in your area, it is possible to make upwards of $7,000 per month with full time availability. A detailed pay scale is viewable during account set-up. Note: New areas will take some time to grow, but if you stay in our network you will begin receiving more shoots over time.

What gear do I need?

Equipment required for membership:

• Professional 18+ megapixel digital SLR
• Wide angle zoom lens (mandatory, no exceptions) 10-24mm coverage (for crop sensor), or 16-30mm (for full frame sensor).
• Solid tripod with adjustable head
• Computer with high speed internet
• Smart Phone with connectivity
• Reliable transportation

Not required, but bonus equipment:

• Drone: 3 axis gimbal with 1080p+
• Matterport Pro VR camera

Are you in my city?

Vicaso is headquartered in Seattle and offers services in hundreds of cities viewable here: . If your city is not yet on this list, or still emerging, orders may increase gradually over time but please do join our network and you will receive first priority for these new orders.

What does the application fee cover?

The one-time $10 application fee covers application processing, a quick background check, and photographer training including a 48 page shoot manual.

I don’t need flash equipment?

No, Vicaso uses simple HDR bracketed exposures from a tripod with no additional equipment.

Is editing or client support needed?

No! Our philosophy is that you should be able to focus on what you do best: photography! Following your shoots for the day, you simply drag and drop your exposures onto your account page. No sorting, no processing, no editing, no customer service, which take an enormous amount of time. When the upload is complete, you are finished with the assignment and receive payment directly in your bank account on a 2 day rolling basis.

How do I get my shoots?

You will be issued an easy to use web account where you can designate your availability on an easy to use calendar.

How long do shoots take?

An average shoot takes approximately 60 minutes, depending on the number of photos the client has ordered. Large homes with high photo counts can require 2 or more hours. Since you receive per-image earnings, your time is always compensated, along with any long distance driving.

Are there set work hours?

You have full freedom in designating your availability using your web account. This can be as low as 10 hours a week, or as high as full-time, 7 days week.

Can I promote myself?

Absolutely. We offer additional commission to you on new clients that place orders with us.

Will I be employee or contractor?

As a member of the Vicaso Photography Network, you are shooting assignments as an independent contractor. As an independent contractor, you have full freedom over your availability, the duration of your agreement, etc.

What do I wear during shoots?

A professional, business casual look with a Vicaso green T-shirt (provided after completing 10 shoots).

How do I get started?

Complete these 3 easy steps, and you’ll be on your way to earning money!

1. Submit the Photographer Application with $10 fee
2. Once accepted, login and complete online training
3. After completing 4 test photos, you’re ready to earn money!

How do I become a Vicaso Stager?

Members of the Vicaso Staging Network should be passionate about staging, enjoy working with real estate agents, and have at least 2 years of experience. More information about applications coming soon. In the meantime, please contact us with interest.

How do I become a Vicaso Cleaner?

Members of the Vicaso Cleaning Network should be passionate about getting homes ‘photo ready’, enjoy working with real estate agents, and have at least 2 years of experience. More information about applications coming soon. In the meantime, please contact us with interest.

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